Patient Care Visiting Pod
by citizen Care Pod Corp.

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    • Provides a safe, comfortable environment to allow visits between patients and family and friends.
    • The standard 40′ long module is equipped with two Visiting Rooms that are physically separated from each other, and include separate entrances and exits for both the visitors and patients.
    • A Waiting Room provides a comfortable space for family and friends until their loved ones are ready to meet.
    • A screening station provides temperature checks for family and friends before they enter a Visiting Room.
    • The unit is positioned close to the ground to limit the length of barrier free ramps.
    • The pod is manufactured in North America within 2-3 weeks, and can readily be shipped by highway, marine and rail transport to get to destinations.
    • The Patient Care Visiting Pod can be purchased or leased.
    • The entrances and exits are defined by defined by separate well-defined travel paths for both the visitors and the patients.
    • Patients enter the Visiting Rooms through extra wide exterior doors accessibly from the main building.  Patients do not travel through the Waiting Room or any other parts of the pod.
    • Visitors (upon arrival) check in at Screening Station for body temperature and asked a series of questions prior to entering the pod. Visitors are placed in the Waiting Room until the patient is ready. Visitors enter the Visiting Room from the Waiting Room.
    • When the visit is completed, all people within the room leave through the exterior door to reduce the possibility of contaminating the Waiting Room. Patients exit the pod through the same door and same route as they entered; patients do not travel through the other parts of the pod
    • Visitors also exit through the same door as the patients (the door includes an auto operator and does not require the use of a hand(s) to operate open or close the door – visitors doe not travel back through the Waiting Room
    • After each visit, the Visiting Room is disinfected and ready for the next patient.
    • Utilizing modular construction methods, PCL Construction manufactures and assembles the pods in North America by retrofitting 40-foot shipping containers to support rapid delivery and installation.
    • Heating, air-conditioning, including high efficiency particulate HEPA filters for mechanical ventilation units are standard features.
    • Pods are fully insulated (doors, walls and roof) with spray loom insulation (higher r-value per inch over conventional insulation)
    • Cladding is prefinished steel panels (non-combustible, all joints between panels are welded, vandal resistant and do not promote mold growth).
    • A true plug-and-play solution, the Citizen Care Pod can be installed with a forklift or positioned in place from a flatbed truck and only requires a separate AC power connection for air conditioning and electric heating. The option of a rooftop solar array and batteries is available to operate low voltage equipment and devices.

    The Citizen Care Pod is equipped with a suite of intelligent, customizable technologies powered by the trusted Microsoft Azure platform and Azure AI, to enable a safe and secure testing environment for patients and front-line healthcare workers. The core package of technology includes:

    • Job Site Insights™, PCL’s smart Internet of Things (IoT) construction platform powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT, monitors climate conditions such as temperature, pressure, and humidity within the pod and has the ability to provide notification if thresholds are exceeded.
    • Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention, powered by Microsoft Azure, enables health workers to monitor wait times and crowd sizing via a single intelligent dashboard to support smarter, safer staffing and supplies. Insight’s Connected Platform unifies data from smart sensors, cameras, devices, and third-party applications that provide the real-time insights required to detect and prevent health risks among large social gatherings.

    The Citizen Care Pod does not store personally identifiable information. Healthcare information remains anonymous to maintain patient privacy.

    Rapid Manufacturing Capabilities


    With 31 operational centers across North America, PCL has unique capability to leverage our decades of expertise in modular construction to help our clients meet the CITIZEN CARE POD demand.

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