Mobile COVID-19 Testing Pod

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    • A customizable and portable turnkey solution for providing COVID-19 screening and testing that can be swiftly outfitted for broader virus testing during flu seasons and for delivering vaccines.
    • Can be rapidly installed to large-scale or high- traffic sites, such as construction sites, airports, sports and entertainment venues, businesses, public works, remote locations, and high-risk sites, to expedite testing, screening, and eventually vaccination on mass scale to support a safe, responsible economic and community recovery.
    • Combines a modular design with intelligent technology, such as Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Azure AI. The modular design provides significant flexibility that can benefit organizations with work forces or populations of more than 500 people.
    • Augments and improves public health response by providing additional infrastructure to conduct accurate and convenient testing, pre-screening, and eventual vaccine delivery.

    Designed to physically and safely separate the front-line testing administrator from the patient being tested or screened, providing greater safety for health workers and reducing the need to replace valuable PPE after each COVID-19 test is administered.

    The pod is manufactured in North America within 2-3 weeks, and can readily be shipped by highway, marine and rail transport to get to destinations.

    The Mobile COVID-19 Screening and Testing Pod can be purchased or leased.

    • One 20-foot unit can test up to 576 people every 12 hours*
    • In a 7-day week, up to 4,032 people can be tested
    • One 40-foot unit can test up to 1,296 people every 12 hours*
    • In a 7-day week, 9,072 people can be tested

    *(based on five-minute testing intervals)

    • The Citizen Care Pod will rebuild traveler and staff confidence by providing quick, convenient testing and pre-screening for COVID-19 and during flu season, thereby accelerating the recovery for airports, airlines, transit hubs, and public transportation.
    • The Citizen Care Pod provides a ready-to-use solution that promotes employee and passenger safety and physical distancing while minimizing the need to build larger and more costly infrastructure.
    • The Citizen Care Pod is a cost- and energy-efficient solution that can locate testing inside or outside of airports and transit hubs, further limiting the spread of COVID-19, flus, and future viral outbreaks linked to international travel.
    • Thanks to its modular construction and trusted technology, the Citizen Care Pod can be quickly installed at key border checkpoints to provide regular, convenient COVID-19 testing for essential travel that will keep our supply chains open without risking  lives.
    • The creation of the Citizen Care Pod started by passionate conversations with like-minded individuals who came together as industry leaders to create a modular, plug-and-play solution for COVID-19 screening and testing that could enable communities to reopen.
    • A multidisciplinary team of North American business leaders combined their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to advance the Citizen Care Pod solution from concept to completion in under a month.
    • The Citizen Care Pod is a smart, scalable system that helps businesses to reopen their doors and protect the health of their employees and customers, while also empowering businesses to be proactive leaders in community health promotion and disease prevention.
    • The Citizen Care Pod will help businesses rise above the competition by demonstrating corporate social responsibility, thereby strengthening their corporate reputation and growing their brand affinity.
    • The Citizen Care Pod helps essential businesses, including construction sites, property managers, and developers, to safely and responsibly resume operations without risking the occupational health and safety of their labour force.
      • Specific to Property Managers / Landlords: With the Citizen Care Pod, Landlords can resume access to their office complexes without compromising the safety of their occupants and visitors.
    • With the Citizen Care Pod, businesses can ensure their construction sites are safe, secure, and equipped to undertake large-scale infrastructure projects with regular testing – so that our cities and our economy can continue to grow and thrive.
    • The Citizen Care Pod is a portable screening and testing system that helps businesses to reopen their doors and protect the health of their employees and customers, while also empowering businesses to be proactive leaders in community health promotion and disease prevention.
    • Each Citizen Care Pod can be customized with additional technology applications and design features, and can be branded to align with a business’ marketing objectives.
    • The Citizen Care Pod’s intelligent technology, modular design, and portability offers scalable testing that supports venue safety so you can safely restart your events in the short-term, and rebuild confidence with fans in the long-term.
    • The Citizen Care Pod can be customized with additional technology applications and branding or design features to align with your marketing objectives.
    • Thanks to its modular construction, the Citizen Care Pod can be rapidly installed at main entrances and during or leading up to key events, and offers an added-value for season ticket holders or premium customers.
    • By expanding access to testing for public servants, the Citizen Care Pod provides a ready-to-use solution that rebuilds staff confidence to safely return to work, while also minimizing the need to build larger and more costly infrastructure using taxpayer dollars.
    • Thanks to the Citizen Care Pod’s smart design and secure technology, each unit can be installed within a few hours outside of key entrances to pre-screen patients and staff.
    • Utilizing modular construction methods, PCL Construction manufactures and assembles the pods in North America by retrofitting new 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers to support rapid delivery and installation. These units are designed and built to hospital isolation room standards.
    • Heating, air-conditioning, including high efficiency particulate HEPA filters for mechanical ventilation units are standard features.
    • Pods are fully insulated (doors, walls and roof) with spray loom insulation (higher r-value per inch over conventional insulation)
    • Cladding is prefinished steel panels (non-combustible, all joints between panels are welded, vandal resistant and do not promote mold growth).
    • A true plug-and-play solution, the Citizen Care Pod can be installed with a forklift or positioned in place from a flatbed truck and only requires a separate AC power connection for air conditioning and electric heating. The option of a rooftop solar array and batteries is available to operate low voltage equipment and devices.
    • The pods can be outfitted with the necessary equipment and supplies for testing and analysis within a fully conditioned space, including DC (low voltage) infrastructure to operate all computer equipment and to connect to Wi-Fi.
    • The Citizen Care Pod is equipped with four to 10 testing stations that physically and safely separate the health worker conducting the COVID-19 tester from the individuals being tested or screened.
    • Clients can use their own tech and diagnostic services, or order Citizen Care Pods fully loaded, including technology and diagnostic equipment and testing lab support.
    • The Citizen Care Pod’s holistic approach to manufacturing, deployment and installation ensures reduced on-site duration and minimal interruption while reducing the impact of traditional construction disruptions, including noise, dust and traffic, to the surrounding neighborhood or operational site.

    The Citizen Care Pod is equipped with a suite of intelligent, customizable technologies powered by the trusted Microsoft Azure platform and Azure AI, to enable a safe and secure testing environment for patients and front-line healthcare workers. The core package of technology includes:

    • Job Site Insights™, PCL’s smart Internet of Things (IoT) construction platform powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT, monitors climate conditions such as temperature, pressure, and humidity within the pod and has the ability to provide notification if thresholds are exceeded.
    • Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention, powered by Microsoft Azure, enables health workers to monitor wait times and crowd sizing via a single intelligent dashboard to support smarter, safer staffing and supplies. Insight’s Connected Platform unifies data from smart sensors, cameras, devices, and third-party applications that provide the real-time insights required to detect and prevent health risks among large social gatherings.

    The Citizen Care Pod does not store personally identifiable information. Healthcare information remains anonymous to maintain patient privacy.

    Rapid Manufacturing Capabilities


    With 31 operational centers across North America, PCL has unique capability to leverage our decades of expertise in modular construction to help our clients meet the CITIZEN CARE POD demand.

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