Global strategic partnership brings Blockchain app powered by Connectus Global Inc. to Citizen Care Pod’s mobile COVID-19 screening facilities

CALGARY, Alberta – October 20, 2020

Connectus Global and Citizen Care Pod Corp. (CCP) have established a global strategic partnership that creates a mass and rapid COVID-19 testing and screening solution to help a variety of industries get back to operating their businesses with some level of normalcy. CCP’s Safe Island COVID Safe Zone utilizes Blockchain technology to connect COVID-19 test results to local healthcare authorities, physicians and building/venue operators to facilitate the safe return to work, global travel, conferences and live events.

With the integration of Connectus’ safety and digital workforce tools into CCP smart screening pods, the two companies have combined their innovative technologies to create ‘safe zones’ that make it possible to return employees to office buildings, manufacturing facilities warehouses and other work sites. In addition, the ability to efficiently screen and process thousands of people per hour makes it possible to establish safe zones at airports, hotel resorts, conference centres, school campuses, cruise ships and live sporting events.

Connectus is an established leader in industrial safety and worker management systems with strong distribution relationships with multinational clients including Honeywell International. As part of the CCP agreement, the company will be deploying its advanced thermal camera systems, digital declarations and Real-Time Location Systems as safety infrastructure for the pods. Connectus will also be providing technology services, healthcare professionals and administrative staff for a complete turnkey solution.

“We’re very excited to collaborate and work with Citizen Care Pod to help global industry, education and live events safely return to normal operations,” said Mike Anderson, CEO Connectus Global Inc. “With the second wave of the pandemic increasing the need for effective testing, we’re confident that integrating our proven technology suite with Citizen Care Pod’s modular facilities will create a high-performance, scalable screening solution that will support the new normal across industries,”

CCPs are available in a range of sizes and custom fabrications, with the largest pods capable of processing thousands of people per hour. The addition of Blockchain technology allows for the further administration of COVID-19 test data securely between key stakeholders. The newly created Connectus/CCP solution is scheduled to debut as part of a 90-day series of demonstrations in Las Vegas, Nevada the week of October 20.

“By partnering with Connectus we’re adding a suite of secure tools and privacy compliant technologies to the Citizen Care Pod solution that will help a wide variety of industries in need of a way to get back to doing business,” said Carl Demarco, CEO Citizen Care Pod Corp. “With our mission to support and facilitate the responsible and safe recovery of the economy, we’re confident that Citizen Care Pods are durable, hygienic, mobile facilities that offer an optimized system for conducting large-scale COVID-19 testing and screening.

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About Connectus Global Inc.:

Connectus Global is a leading Alberta-based solutions provider for process automation, worker safety and location monitoring applications across industrial and business sectors. With an integrated suite of digital workforce management and business continuity systems, the company’s internationally deployed solutions work to improve industrial safety, operational efficiency and crisis recovery planning.



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