The Province of Manitoba’s Order of 90 Long-Term Care Visiting Pods Will Make It Safer for Families
to Visit Loved Ones in Long-Term Care Facilities
Will Other Provinces and States Follow Manitoba’s Lead?

TORONTO, October 1, 2020

Citizen Care Pod Corporation announced that the Province of Manitoba has ordered 90 Long-Term Care Visiting Pods from PCL Constructors Canada, a Citizen Care Pod partner.

The province is investing $17.9 million in the pods, which will be used at long-term care facilities to provide for safer visitation between visitors and residents. The pods are expected to be operational by November.

The standard 40-foot long pod is equipped with a visiting area that is physically separated from the main building, and includes separate entrances and exits for both visitors and residents. 

“The Long-Term Care Visiting Pods developed by Citizen Care Pod will provide a safe, comfortable, environment for visits at long-term care facilities, something that has been difficult to do during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Zenon Radewych, Chief Creative Officer at Citizen Care Pod Corporation. “Manitoba is the first provincial government to take tangible action to provide a province-wide solution that will make it easier for families to visit safely with their loved ones.”

Cameron Friesen, Manitoba’s Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister, said, “Our government recognized the suspension of visiting privileges at care homes due to COVID-19 put a tremendous strain on families. While we acted quickly to restore visits in the spring, it was clear that a more comprehensive strategy would be necessary to facilitate visits with the approaching influenza season and the potential for a second wave of COVID-19.”

Citizen Care Pod also offers:

  • A Mobile COVID-19 Testing Pod to provide communities, businesses and schools with a safer testing environment for front-line health workers and the public.
  • An Education Pod, which is a portable classroom space designed to deter the spread of COVID-19 to safeguard the health of teachers and students as they return to schools, colleges and universities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Utilizing modular construction methods, PCL is manufacturing and assembling the pods by retrofitting shipping containers to support rapid delivery and installation. Heating and air-conditioning, including high efficiency particulate HEPA filters for mechanical ventilation units, are standard features.

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